S Mall

The popular S Mall is the thirteenth largest in the world. Its showpiece S department store is one of the most active department stores in the city.

Making Foot Traffic Count

* client's name is undisclosed

The popular S Mall* is the thirteenth largest in the world. Its showpiece S department store is one of the most active department stores in the city. A cornerstone of the 63 location chain, S Department Store* at S Mall is familiar with big numbers in customers and employees.

At the same time, those numbers can be a source of confusion — and concern. S Department Store has multiple entrances and is located at the intersection of the Mall, an arena and a bus terminal. To be sure customers were properly served by employees, S Department Store needed to know:

- How many people traveling through the store were real shoppers?
- How many were passersby headed to a nearby destinations — or even the store bathroom?
- How many were the same person passing through several times a day?
- Were departments properly staffed during working hours and high-traffic times?

Conventional people counting systems could not be trusted to answer these questions.


Activate a Docent Personal Locating System (PLS) to enable S Department Store to count only unique visitors. Customize proprietary node devices to track shopper movement, and assign portable tags to store assets and floor staff.

The Docent Advantage

The S Department Store PLS system discovered new, actionable insights for S Department Store management, thanks to a combination of three services provided by Docent.

Uniqounter™ — Calculates precise number of unique visitors, including length of stay and return visits within a month. Uniqounter identified:

- Exact count of repeat visitors to the store.
- Exact count of visitors staying in store longer than a certain time period.
- Exact count of passersby (walking or driving) within a 50 meter radius of S Department Store.

Chromap™ — Maps hot and cold zones throughout the store across different dates and times. Chromap revealed:

- Popularity of each area throughout the store.
- Peak hours of activity for each department.

Securitrack™ — Tracks traceable IDs in real time. Securitrack ensured:

- Assets were not lost.
- Floor staff were on location in assigned departments.
- Managers could see if customers were being served by floor staff.


The Docent Personal Locating System of modules and services accurately demonstrated the ratio of engaged customers to all store visitors and passersby. Traditional sales data alone could not have highlighted this comparison across different departments.

The comprehensive measurement report generated by Docent empowered S Department Store to:

- Recognize the number of unique visitors staying in store less than 15 minutes — suggesting browsers or passersby.
- Understand visitor patterns throughout the store.
- Plan for future promotions to drive shoppers to less frequented departments.
- Increase employee productivity by reducing manager disputes regarding whereabouts of staff.
- Identify employee high performers.