Content Management System

Docent offers a variety of application types: CMS for Shopping Malls, CMS for Museums, CMS for Retail Chain Stores, and others.


CMS for Chain Stores

CMS for Chain Stores can be used effectively for restaurants, department stores, and supermarkets with multiple locations, where the chains can be located on different floors in different malls around the world. In malls encompassing several buildings, chains can be located by unique building names. The CMS for Chain Stores can identify a mix of franchises operated by the same franchisee.

Once store locations are in the CMS, a store owner can launch events, promotions, workshops, seminars or send other notices. The information can then be displayed on their websites, kiosks, and on a variety of marketing channels through the use of an API in order to integrate the information into your systems. The information can be delivered in real-time or at designated times and days with specific expiration dates. Once integrated into your website, social media posts can be created and deliver customers to your website’s landing page. Such promotions can be tagged to specific stores and locations. Promotions can also be linked to a fenced perimeter.