Content Management System

Docent offers a variety of application types: CMS for Shopping Malls, CMS for Museums, CMS for Retail Chain Stores, and others.


CMS for Shopping Malls

Docent CMS for Shopping Malls application manages malls with hundreds of stores. Each store’s profile organizes them into one or more categories: Food & Beverage, Electronics, Fashion, Service, or by a broader, more generic category. Each store’s profile displays their description, location by floor, hours of operation, contact information, store website URL, and whether it includes dining facilities. If the store has a dining facility it can be tagged by the type of cuisine offered.

Shops can also be categorized by Target demographic, Women, Kids, Family, or Entertainment under the Occasion field. Notices can be pushed to everyone on the floor or to a targeted population. Notices might be about extended holiday hours, events, or other notices that a customer might not normally be aware of.

Promotions can be combined with Accufencing™ so that a customer can receive specific notifications or promotions when entering a pre-defined perimeter. These notifications can also be pushed to a whole building or a particular floor without Accufencing™. Using Docent’s Content Management System (CMS), managing those deals just got easier.