Retail Traffic & People Counters

The Retail Visitor Traffic applications will determine how to maximize your retail operations.


Why use a Customer Counter?

Uniqounter™ is Docent’s software module used to provide visitor and customer data in real-time. Your investment in a people counter will increase sales and cut costs by analyzing when and how many of your customers come at certain days or hours. Solid data and analysis will take the guesswork out of retail operations.

Uniqounter™ will differentiate one customer from another, and reveal when that same customer returns, to what area, and how long they stay on each visit. Knowing the unique number of people and their dwell time is very important.

Uniqounter™ will also count and measure the dwell time of people driving and walking by your business, since our device detects people within a radius of up to 50 meters (150 ft.).