Tracking Tags & ID Cards

Our tags & ID cards are more cost-effective and smaller than other technologies on the market today.


Tracking Tags & Keychains

Docent provides one of the smallest traceable tags in the world, which can be as thin as 3mm and can be attached to any surface or be hung in a keychain fashion. Combined with our warehouse and asset tracking applications, tracking tags provide seamless monitoring of important inventory or assets. Our tags provide real-time information on the whereabouts of an asset, machinery or even valuable artwork.

Our tracking tag system reflects Docent’s mission to promote environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. We avoid the use of disposable, non-recyclable products. Batteries in most of our tags can be replaced or recharged. These tags are very durable and long-lasting. Using the right amount of amperage to charge batteries will increase their lifespan.

All we need is your building layouts to produce an Indoor Map to be used in our systems that include Chromap™, Securitrack™, and our CMS (Contents Management System). You can also create perimeters using our Accufencing™ feature that triggers events and sends notifications to people you choose, when entering, exiting or staying for a certain time period in a specific area.