Indoor Map Platform

Docent’s Indoor Map Platform is an interactive web-based local map that shows your objects on each floor with different icons.


Indoor Map Platform

A retail store, supermarket, warehouse or museum needs flexibility in their floor configuration to support their promotional and inventory needs. Most map platforms don’t allow you to edit the map. Our Indoor Map Platform allows facility managers to change their configuration by creating an object on the map and dragging it to a desired location.

It can also support special displays and marketing efforts. Our map editor allows managers to edit the map onto which the various PLS features, such as user’s position, density & heat maps, and asset tracking are displayed.

Our unique AR based navigation module called Camview™, combined with our map platform can be integrated to provide an augmented reality or a virtual reality experience to locate your favorite objects such as your car in parking lots of large malls with several exits. You can also develop games using our CMS and IPS. Software Development Kits can be provided to you to utilize this feature.

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