Personal Locating System

The PLS provides a dashboard for managing your people counter and tracking locations of your customers or assets.



Securitrack™ helps you optimize your staff and asset allocation in order to create value. It detects personnel or assets by zone or area, identifies their last seen location, and monitors their activities in real-time. It can quantify both personnel and assets by category or job function. Securitrack™ can also be animated to play, pause or stop, providing location history.

a) Securitrack™ Personnel / Asset Management system

Shows all personnel on duty, categorized by their job function and work location, i.e., front register, retail floor, back office. It provides a summary of a person’s profile and shows their current status.

You no longer need a time clock when you use Securitrack™, because our system includes a simple HR interface that can be used as an employee roster, and a calendar feature will display an employee’s visibility records on any given date.

b) Securitrack™ Facilities Management

Provides an advanced solution for tracking and monitoring personnel and assets whether it is a single office, multi-level building, or multiple facilities. The Securitrack™ Facilities Management module displays all of your facilities, so you can easily manage them from a central location.


We offer discounted subscriptions for Uniqounter™, Chromap™, and Securitrack™ software modules when you subscribe to two or more modules. Below is the table of products.
Contact us, if you are not sure which solutions you need.

*This software module requires a one time purchase of our nodes which detect signals from your visitors and electronic tags. You can choose from WiFi or LAN device. Click on the link above to see what you need. You need a minimum of four nodes to use Chromap™ and Securitrack™. Contact us if you are not sure which node model and how many nodes you need for your business.