Personal Locating System

The PLS provides a dashboard for managing your people counter and tracking locations of your customers or assets.



Uniqounter™ is our real-time visitor counter module which will help you understand your customers’ behavior and better manage customer service in order to increase sales.

Most other counters in the marketplace today may inflate customer counts by counting the same person more than once. Utilizing unique identifiers, our customer counter doesn’t duplicate data that can skew marketing and operational projections.

UniqounterTM will show:

  • The total number of unique visitors at a facility on a daily basis (Visit Count)
  • How long visitors stay (Visit Duration)
  • How often visitors return (Visit Frequency)


We offer discounted subscriptions for Uniqounter™, Chromap™, and Securitrack™ software modules when you subscribe to two or more modules. Below is the table of products.
Contact us, if you are not sure which solutions you need.

*This software module requires a one time purchase of our nodes which detect signals from your visitors and electronic tags. You can choose from WiFi or LAN device. Click on the link above to see what you need. You need a minimum of four nodes to use Chromap™ and Securitrack™. Contact us if you are not sure which node model and how many nodes you need for your business.