Solutions for Retail, Hospitals, Warehouses and more

Our location-based tools help you make smart business decisions.

Our team has been developing solutions for many different industries for more than fifteen years. Docent supplies world-class readymade solutions that facilitate, locate, manage and engage your personnel, customers and products.

From hardware to software, we provide everything you need in a single, efficient system uniquely suited to your business needs.

Our enterprise solutions are not limited to what’s presented here. Our sister company has provided customized enterprise solutions for more than a decade. Contact us with your specific needs and we will design the solution.

*Except for Content Management Systems, in order to use our location based solutions below, you will need to get our hardware called nodes which detect signals from your visitors and electronic tags. You can choose from WiFi or LAN devices. Contact us if you are not sure which model and how many you need for your business.