Asset Tracking

Knowing the location of your assets and the people who require attention is critical.


Warehouse & Asset Tracking

Docent’s off the shelf solution gets your warehouse & asset tracking up and running quickly. The Warehouse & Asset Tracking application shows the precise location for every item. It can be deployed over any number of offices, retail outlets, and warehouses. It can be utilized in any environment where inventory, artwork, tools, machinery and robots need to be accounted for.

Combined with tracking tags our warehouse & asset tracking application provides around the clock monitoring of valuable inventory or assets. Our tag signals travel up to 100 meters (300 ft) providing our application with real-time monitoring with a small number of nodes.

In factories, location information will greatly enhance just-in-time inventory systems. The location information of each item could be analyzed against supply chain turnaround times and sales projections.

To enhance the utility of our Warehouse & Asset Tracking application, the data can be used with our Content Management System for Museums, Retail or Supermarkets that facilitate fulfillment of inventory or assets for events, displays, tradeshows, or other activities requiring cataloging and deployment.