Use Cases

Learn how our products empower your business.

The business environment is changing fast. Businesses should adopt location based services now to cope with the fast changing environment. If you are starting out for the first time, try our product called Uniqounter™ that can count the unique number of people inside and outside of your business and give you their dwell time. It will also give you their visit frequency in a month. This costs only $19.95 per month and will be an invaluable tool for your scientific marketing.

The stakes are high to streamline the supply chain and to optimize floor staff deployment, but retailers are throwing money away when they solely prioritize conventional marketing strategies. When implemented effectively, a proper system for data analytics and location based services will generate a strong return on investment.

Here we describe some core use cases for indoor location based services. We encourage you to think beyond them. The scope of Indoor Positioning Systems and Indoor Location Based Systems is vast and these systems address a wide variety of issues. Our solutions will address the specific needs of your business. Contact us for a free consultation to see how Docent systems will expand and enhance your business operations.